Friday, September 2, 2016

Announcement: "Little Family Room", Safety and Concert Rehearsal

Dear parents,

1.   Payment for "Little Family Room"
Here is some additional explanation about payment for "Little Family Room":
* year 2016: the cost is absorbed by TJC.
* year 2017: when TJC adjusts the school fees for year 2017, the cost
  of "Little Family Room" is already embedded in the new fees.
  Therefore, you just need to pay the indicated new school fees, and
  another separate payment for "Little Family Room" is not necessary.

2.   Safety and Late Pick-up
Gentle reminders:
We would like to seek for your kind cooperation when driving in to
Dream Centre premise during the drop off and pick up time.
Please drive slowly within the compound as there are other pedestrian
around the premise.
Children are to be picked up no later than 1/2 an hour after school
dismissal (i.e. 12:30pm & 4:15pm.)  All late pick-ups without notifications
for more than twice in a month will be imposed a fine of RM10 each time
thereafter (as per written in the parent handbook.)  If you are late, kindly park
your car at the parking lot, not at the driveway, before picking up your child.

3.    Concert Rehearsal
As we have started daily dance practice for the concert in October,
kindly let your child put on their suitable shoes.
Also, please help your child to be punctual to school, so that no lesson
or instructions given in class will be missed.

TJC Management

Monday, August 29, 2016

Announcement: Age 6 Canteen Day and holidays

Dear parents,

1. Age 6 Canteen Day

Recently, in Age 6 Math class, the concept of money was taught. In order for the children to practise what they have learned, a Canteen Day will be held on 7/Sept (Wed).

Please prepare below items for your child to bring to school on that day:

i. A medium size shopping bag.
ii. A wallet/purse to keep money.
iii. RM12 in below denominations:
    RM5.00 - 1 pc,
    RM1.00 - 2 pcs,
    50 cents - 4 pcs,
    20 cents - 10 pcs,
    10 cents - 10 pcs,

2. Merdeka Day Holiday
Merdeka Day: 31/Aug/2016 (Wed). School will resume on 1/Sept/2016 (Thur).

3. 2nd Mid-Term School Break
TJC will be closed for the 2nd mid-term school break: 10th~18th/Sept/2016.
School will be reopened on 19/Sept/2016 (Mon).

TJC management

Friday, July 15, 2016

Announcement: Enrollment for 2017

Dear parents,

1. Re-enrollment for EXISTING students of TJC

  Date: 18/July ~ 22/July, 2016

Kindly fill in the blue re-enrollment form, and submit together with the full payment to the class teacher latest by 22/July/2016 (Fri).

A copy of 2017 fees structure is attached to the blue form for your attention.

2. 2017 New Enrollment

Please be informed that there will be 2 tiers of new enrollment. The 1st tier is for the existing TJC younger siblings, and the 2nd tier will be opened to the community (e.g. friends, neighbours, cousins, etc.).

Kindly take note of the new enrollment dates stated below.

  TJC siblings only:  18/July ~ 22/July, 2016
  New TJC enrollment:  1/Aug ~ 12/Aug, 2016

As priority will be given to the younger siblings of our existing students, parents who are interested are required to fill in the pink enrollment form, and submit together with full payment and the documents required.

Parents may obtain the pink form from the administrators. For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to call Jessica Wong or Esther Wong at 03-7958 3923 or email us at

  Things to be submitted (compulsory):
* Two (2) copies of your child's passport-sized photograph
* One (1) photocopy of your child's birth certificate

We would deeply appreciate if the re-enrollment and/or new enrollment can be confirmed within the above specified time period.

Payment should be made payable to Dream Academy Sdn Bhd (PBB: 3 2000 6190 4) by cheque, cash deposit or via internet banking.

TJC Management

Thursday, June 16, 2016

After School Programmes

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